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I was born and raised in New York State. My parents are both artists. Our first family computer was a Tandy Sensation. I got a book on Computer Animation and was hooked. That was the path that led me to combining programming and art. I left high-school early to attend Bard College, where I focused on Computer Graphics, and received a well-rounded education in the Humanities. I headed west after college, applying my coding skills to web and mobile development. I was a product designer for Electronic Arts (EA), and in 2010 created Polychord for iPad. Ultimately I ended up at a small startup in Palo Alto called Timeful. I got to work with some truly amazing people. In 2015 we were acquired by Google, where I work today.

A few years ago, my wife and I began restoring an historic farm and homestead in the Pacific Northwest. This year we're kicking-off a conservation project that will restore an upland prairie and oak woodland on our property — two habitats that are rapidly disappearing. If that's the sort of thing that interests you, follow along on our instagram.