Gregory Wieber › Bio

I was born in NY to artist parents — my mom, a dancer, my dad, a painter.

A book on computer animation grabbed me in junior high, and I became forever intrested in the intersection of Art and Technology.

I spent high school making music and writing code, building websites and modeling 3D worlds. I left early to get a Liberal Arts education at Bard College.

Post-College I moved to the West Coast. I was an interaction designer at Electronic Arts, followed by a stretch as a design and engineering consultant.

In 2010 I made Polychord for iPad, which got featured by Apple. Polychord is used by musicians and composers around the world.

I built more apps, and then joined Fandango in 2014 as an iOS engineer, helping launch a massive redesign to coincide with the release of iOS 7.

In 2014 my wife and I packed up for Palo Alto, where I joined an AI startup, Timeful. We were acquired by Google in 2015, where I work today as a User Experience Engineer (e.g., I design and build prototypes).

I make music with my wife, and In 2016 we bought a farm in Oregon — more to come on that.